Monday, May 13, 2013

Day of Europe

On May 9th all the school gathered to celebrate once more the Day of Europe

May 9th has become the European symbol which, together with the flag, the anthem, the slogan and the unique currency (euro), identifies the political entity of the European Union. 

On the Day of Europe festivities and activities are celebrated to get Europe near its citizens and that’s what we did.

To begin, we received some local authorities from the Regional Government and the Town Hall with the rhythm of batukada.

Primary students showed the worked they had done in the contest “What is Europe for me?” and the best ones received a price.

Three students read a summary of the Schuman declaration in three official languages: Spanish, English and French.

Some students of 3nd ESO performed an acrosport show, they had prepared in the PE lesson at the same time that other 2nd and 3rd Secondary students from Salesianos Domingo Savio and Los Boscos sang the European anthem.

See you next year!!


  1. Hey my name is Ana Dumitrascu ,I'm of 2 - B ESO. I really liked The Day of Europe when the other school came to sing with us, and over all because we appeared on TV and it was cool, then I hope to celebrate more days like this.

  2. Hi, I'm Almudena Escudero 2ºA E.S.O.
    I loved this day because it was fun and original, but it went a bit wrong because we were singing faster than that we should.
    I would like to repeat this day

  3. Rodrigo MartínezMay 15, 2013 at 7:40 AM

    Hello I´m Rodrigo Martínez 4º ESO.

    The day of Europe we celebrate the two salesians schools who participate playing a different instruments, reading some texts and singing the himn of joy, while the teachers, little childrens and some the most important authorities of Logroño saw our work. The only bad was the rain.

  4. Hi,I´m David Prieto, 2ºA Eso
    This day is very important to us. We stayed in the school all the groups of Salesianos. I´m European!

  5. Hello, I'm Celia Álvarez Pérez 4º ESO

    We have celebrated the day of Europe 9th of May.
    This day has been very special because we have realized different activities: Play different instruments, acrosport, sing the himn of joy, to read in different languages etc.
    On this day very important people were with us in Logroño. Like Cuca Gamarra.

  6. Hi I'm Robert Emanuel Birla 2nd B ESO has been a day great, well how wrong was that it rained but everything was great when we sing, it was very good, all from two of the ESO to 4 ESO, and the batucada was well they played great all.

  7. Hi, I´m Iván Reinares Pérez 4º ESO.
    We should be happy and proud to live in this continent, Europe. This day, 9th of May, reminds us where we live and it reminds us that we are Europeans.
    In this important day very important people in Logroño could see how the school Salesianos Los Boscos celebrated this day.

  8. David Rincon, 4º ESOMay 16, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Hi. I think the day of Eurpe is importan because we think where we live and who is the people that live with us.
    And for this day we play, sing and read with our friends, the other salesiano school and other importants persons.
    This day is very important for the students because we understan the meaning of Europe and the importance.

  9. Hi , I´m Omaima Torqui from 2A E.S.O.
    I am loved this day, because one remembers to Europe. This year we have sung it went out for us very well. Every year we make it better.

  10. hello! i´m Federica Delor
    4º E.S.O.
    in this video we see all we can do to express how proud we feel living in Europe. We were practicing a lot and in there, we see the fruit of our work.


  11. Hi , I´m JOHN MICHAEL from 2A E.S.O.
    I am loved this day, because one remembers to Europe. This year we have sung it went out for us very well. Every year we make it better.

  12. Hello I'm Ander from 2ºA E.S.O.
    This year we sing very well maybe something quick. In my opinion the best was the acrosport.Next year for sure we do better.

  13. Hello I'm Sara 4º E.S.O
    The day of Europe is very important for us, so we did lots of things to celebrate it: we sang the european anthem with the Salesianos Domingo Savio and some people read texts in different languages, many people together to celebrate this day.

  14. Hello, I'm Aintzane Romo from 2ºA ESO
    The Europe day was very fun, and interesting. I love this day because each year we make anything different. It wasn't perfect because it was raining, but, it was so good.

  15. Hi everybody. I am María Navajas, 4 ESO.
    In this day, we joined to SAlesianos Domingo Savio and we sang " el himno de la alegría" in three diferent voices and our mates from 3ESO made a acrosport show and some classmates from 4ESO made a speech about this special day.. AMAZING!!!!!!!!. In addition, many people came to the shiw and we could see many important like politicians.

  16. Hi everybody! I'm Irene, from 2 ESO.
    This day was very important to us because we celebrated the day of Europe and it was very fun and enjoyed.
    I want to repeat!

  17. hi there im Ricardo from S3 and im the one in the bottom left in the pyramid XD
    preparing this was so much fun I really did enjoy this, we had to work as a team to get this the way we wanted and eventhough it was a lot of work I still think it turn out to be a success

  18. Hi everybody!!I am Luis Felipe,from 2A ESO The day of europa is very important and this day it we all spend the brilliant one though raining

  19. Hello,i'm Desireé Santamaria from 2ESO.
    This day was very important for everyone,we join with students from other schools to sing a song, we recorded television and even many people came to see us,as the mayor.Was an unforgettable day!

  20. Hello everyone!
    I'm Namra from 3rd secondary...On the 9th of may we celebrated the Day of Europe...we did a lot of things and activitives. It wasn't a normal rutine day because we had some guests like an other school named Domingo sabio and we also recivied some local authorities...!
    At the end of the day every thing was great and it was a pleasure being a part of all this!

  21. hello am shahzeb from and I liked it the day of europe ok bie

  22. Hi! My name is Natalia from 3°ESO,on the 9th of may we celebrated the Day of Europe.
    We did a lot of things and activities,I participated in acrossport , it was funny and interesting.

  23. Hello!I'm Alanna from 3ªESo,the celebration of the day in Europe was very good,Los BOscos with Domingo savio sang the anthem of Europe,we play the batucada,and others students play acrossport,the politicians came to see us.