Monday, May 19, 2014

Jugamos por Europa

 During our stay in Somalo last week, 15 May, we played an interesting game about Europe with our English and French teachers


5 teams with 6 players each




Each team with the name of a European capital: Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels and Rome




1 speaker each team with a distinctive hat. He throws the dice to see the colour and they will have to answer to a question. 


















There are 5 types of questions:

Red                        eurosabes: culture, geography, history, UE

Green                   pinta Europa

Purple                  Europa en mimo

Blue                      europalabras prohibidas

Orange                europalabra

¿                             eliges juego








Each right answer, the team wins a euro, at the end of the game, the team with more euros is the winner and will get a prize. At the end of the game all euros are change for XXXXXX.



  1. hello i am florin cigan 3B E.S.O it is very interesting and it is very fani

  2. Hello I´m Natalia from 4º ESO
    The proyect realized in Somalo was very funny and interesting, there we learnt many things we didn´t know and we laught a lot during the game.

  3. Hi i'm Daniel Nafría of 3ºESO.
    The activity that we did in somalo seemed to me to be very enterteining and exciting.

  4. Hello I'm Matías Carreras from 3º ESO A.
    It was a very interesting activity and a good form to learn more about Europe.

  5. Hello! I´m Oscar 4º ESO. The game was good, but there are some questions that are not of the european union.

  6. Hi! I´m Sergio from 4º ESO and i think it was very interesting, funny and bearable.

  7. Hi I´m Pablo Almenara from 3º A ESO and I think the game of Europe was an interresting way to learn about Europe.

  8. Hello I am Jesus of 3A Eso and I enjoyed the game a lot.
    I also learnt a lot of interesting things.
    My team was Rome and we got 12 points!

  9. Hello I am Samuel of 3AESO I think it was a really interesting activity about Europe but the questions are very easy.

  10. Hello, I am Almudena Escudero of 3 A E.S.O.
    I think it was interesting and I've learned a lot of Europe whith this game.
    I would like to repeat it.

  11. Hello, I am Samuel of 4º ESO, and I think this game was very funny and educative because we learned some things about Europe and we laugh a lot because during the game we were stealing the other groups coins all the time.

  12. Hi, I am Salvador from 4º E.S.O. and I think that the activity was very funny and interesting.
    I learned a lot about Europe and some curious things. Recommended 100%.