Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A review of a film or a TV programme-2ºESO

2nd ESO students write about their favourite film or TV programme.

Enjoy and comment!


  1. Hi, I'm Carmen.
    I hardly ever go to the cinema because it is very expensive, but I downland the films.
    It's the second part of ' 3 Metros Sobre El Cielo'. This film is very popular.
    'Tengo Ganas De Ti' is about a boy who in love with his ex-girlfriend, but he met a girl and he fell in love.

  2. Hi, I´m Ismael
    I saw it last year and it was fantastic.
    Transformers 2 is about some robots that turn into vehicles.
    I recomend this flim to people who like science-fiction or action films.

  3. Hi, I´m Carmen
    I have only watched The Hunger Games once. I watched it at the cinema.
    I think this film had a lot of audience. They live a lot of adventures.
    I like this film because I love adventures and I also like the actors .
    I recomend this film to people that love adventures.

  4. Hi, I'm Larisa.
    The film it's about four mean, Doug, Phil, Alan and Stu.
    The next day when they wake up tney find a chicken in the suite, a tigerin the bathroom, a baby in the wardrobeand Phil has lost a tooth.
    They realize that Doug is missing.
    Alan tells Phil and Stu that he put a drug in the drink the previous night.
    Finally they find Doug.
    They leave Las Vegas to go to the wedding which is in four hours.
    At the end of the wedding, Stu find his gigital camera and they find a lot of pictures of the previous night, the four decide to look at the photos and then delete them.

  5. Hi, I´m Diego
    I watch TV every day, but my favourite programme is Aida. It´s a Spanish comedy programme and it´s on TV every day. This programme is very popular here, in Spain. Aida is about a very funny family and their friends. I really like this programme because the characters always do funny things. I realy recomend this programme to people who like Spanish comedy programme

  6. Hi! I´m Daniel.
    The Saturdays and Sundays you can watch the repetition.
    The Simpsons is about a funny family in a American city; Springfield.
    I really recommend this programme to people who like to laught.

  7. Hi, I'm Elizabeth.
    Castle is an American crime drama television series.
    I like this programme because it is very funny.

  8. Hi! I'm Asier.
    My favorite programme is " Two men and a half ".
    It's an American comedy programme.
    He lives with them.

  9. Hi! I'm Alex Iacob.
    I don't watch Tv every day but I often watch my favourite TV programme, Vive Cantando. It's a Spanish comedy and drama programme and it's on Tv once a week. It hasn't got a repeat on TV but on your Ipad or your smartphone you can watch it. It's on Tv on Tuesdays and it's very popular.

    Vive cantando is about a family who lost their mum, and their aunt who is a singer comes to stay with them. I really like this programme because it's very interesting to see the problems of that family and they do funny things. I really recommend this programme to people who like music and dancing.

  10. Hi, I'm Shaheer tiwana.I'm 14 years old.I'll tell you about mu favourite TV programme.
    Myfavourtite programmme is The Simposons.
    I don't watch it every day.I often watch it.It's an American animated comedy programme and it's on Tv every day.
    The Simpsons is about a yellow family and they show how to live in a family.


  11. Hi I'm Alberto Escalona.

    My favourite TV programme is The Big Bang Theory.
    It is an american comedy. It is about four scientist friends. They are very freak because they like very strange things, for example:
    - Star Wars
    - Star Trek
    - Videogames
    - Superhero comics

    I watch this programme every day

  12. Hi, I'm Sofía.
    I watch this film because it's very exciting.
    The first part of the film was released the 20 of April last year in Spain.
    She is choose with his friend Peeta Mellark to participate in the Hunger Games.
    It's a game in which only one can stay alive.
    A the end Katniss and Peeta survive thanks to the team work.

  13. Hello! I'm German from 2A ESO

    It's a Spanish horror film
    14 october og 2014 is REC 4
    Angela and the cameraman fight to escape from the flat
    Angela and the cameraman enter in a flat with the frebrigdes

  14. Hi I'm Manuel.
    Castle is about a writer, his name is Catle.
    He helps the police to arrest bad people.
    You can watch this programme from Mondays to Fridays at 16:00 pm.on channel 4.

  15. Hi! I'm Andrea
    It's about the British-Irish boyband One Direction.
    How their days are.
    You can know what they think about their new lives, about their fans, about their future...
    They are only 5 normal boys but with an abnormal job.
    Talking with fans
    You can buy the DVD on December, ever if you aren't fan

  16. I'm Ivan.
    but I usually watch my favourite programme .
    It's a comedy programme.
    since four o'clock eight o'clock.

  17. Hi, I'm Anita.

    Discusses about Gonzalo, playing the role of Aguila Roja while searching fot answers like his mother identity.
    I suggest whatching it, The series is streamed every Thursday from 10pm to midnight

  18. Hi, I'm Sonia

    One disco in New york.
    In this moment, her destiny joins with them, also to the Jace destiny, one boy with an angel face and the tendecy to act like an idiot.

  19. Hi, I´m Alex Chereches

    It´s on TV everyday. I recomend it you becouse its very funny!
    It´s about several neighbours who live the same block of flats.

  20. Hi I´m Carlos
    My favourite programme is Two and a half men.I watch it at dinner time in Neox.
    This programme is about two brothers Alan and Charlie. Alans wife wants to divorce him so Alan moves to Charlie´s house in the beach with his son Jake.The life of Charlie is different thanks to his brother and his son.