Thursday, November 21, 2013

Writing a blog

2nd Secondary students are travelling and they are sharing their experiences in our blog. Have a look at them and enjoy as they are doing!


  1. I'm Alex iacob from 2°A and those are my mistakes:
    That it's one of the most important museums in the UK.
    We are going to see the Beatles Story Museum.
    We are in Anfield.
    My dad is closing the car and my mum is buying cola in the supermarket.

  2. I'm Asier Cabrera from 2ºB and those my mistakes:
    In the aftenoon we're going to the camp
    I'm preparing the bag to the mountain
    In the night we're going to my house

  3. I'm David Andueza from 2ºB
    Our team they are Cesar, Adrian...
    We get ap
    and in five
    runing for one hour
    we have
    and it's
    all hockey equipment
    we do warming up
    we have free time
    we go around and do..
    an I'm looking
    we go
    we are
    but in
    we are going to the gym
    we are goinh to the ice rink to say
    This is really
    it will be fine
    i do want

  4. Hi! I'm Andrea from 2ºA.
    Today we were visiting Kelvingrove Park.
    I'm drinking a relaxing cup of coffee.
    My favourite places are London and Dublin, but Glasgow is nice too.
    Today we are at the Clyde Auditorium, and I've met a girl.
    She's showing me the Science Centre.
    We're having dinner.
    I'ts an incredibly beautiful scenery.

  5. Hi! I'm Paola from 2°B and I am going to correct my mistakes.
    The camp is like watching our to dogs.
    Later we are going to work for race teams and dogs .
    When they finish the camp, we are showing everyone.
    I'm here and it is very quiet.
    In our team, my sister and I are in he same team.
    I'm playing with my small dog.
    My sister is playing the big dog he is a German Shepherd.
    Motas , is 13 years and Max 1 year.

  6. Hi I'm Sofía from 2ºA ESO and those are my mistakes :
    We got up at six o´clock to go to the airport early.
    When we arrived in New York all the family were very tired.
    We took a taxi to the hotel.
    My sister was very tired because she had been all the time at the airport and in the plan playing, but my mum said that we had to visit the city.
    We visited a lot of things, one of this are the Empire State that is the tallest building in New York.
    And then Times Square that is a Street wiht a lot of lights and bilbards.
    We also went to Wall Steet but the most interesting thing for me was Brooklyn's Bridge.
    Tomorrow we will be all the day in the plane.

  7. Hi! I'm Larisa from 2ºA.
    Today we're visiting the Empire State, it is fantastic because it is so big. Then we're having a picnic.
    Later we're going to visit the Statue of the Liberty.
    Tomorrow we're going to see the Madison Square Garden.

  8. Hi I'm Manuel from 2A ESO
    But I prefer walking around big and special cities like London
    I am in Trafalgar Square a very popular place in London
    I am looking to a boy
    I am in Salisbury a place next to, more o less to London
    They are friendly and fantastic and when the class finishes, we are going to play tennis
    I am at Oxford Street
    I like this bus too much
    It's time to go to the airport to come back to Spain

  9. Hi I´m Ismael from 2ºA
    I´m tired of the journey.
    People say that it´s very big.
    We´re going to see Buckingham Palace.
    We ´re coming to Spain.
    Then we´re coming back to the hotel, we´re picking our suitcases.
    We´re going to the airport by taxi.
    I really like this holidays.

  10. Hi! I´m Daniel from 2ºA.
    Today my parents, my sister and I we´re going to visit London.
    In the morning, we´re going to visit Trafalgar Square.
    My dad and I are going to see a Chelsea match.
    In the afternoon we´re going to sail in a boat by the river Thames.
    The next day, we´re waking up early.
    After, then we are having breakfast.
    We are riding a bike.
    At night, we are taking a plane to go home.

  11. Hi I’m Sara from 2°B:
    In fact i feel that it is my favourite country because it is very...
    We're driving to our house in Portugal
    This house is a little scary because it is an old house
    It is the house when I went I was a child
    My parent registred me..
    I am waiting for long this
    My first surf class
    I'm having
    Isn't as difficult as I think
    I'm go with my parents
    It will be very cool

  12. Hi I´m Alberto Escalona from 2ºA and these are my mistakes:

    Today I´m going to Liverpool.
    I´m visiting Liverpool stadium and the anglican cathedral.
    I´m going to visit the door of Chinatown.
    I´m staying int the financial district of Liverpool.
    It´s very awesome there are a lot of skycrapers.
    I´m going to visit the Liverpool City Council House.

  13. Hi I'm lucas 2ºB

    We stayed in a guest house of pilgrims.
    I enjoyed de camp a lot.

  14. Hi I'm Ivan hervias from 2º A.
    To the Empire State,
    To Statue of Liberty,
    It's our last day,
    we're going to visit Wall Street and Brookling bridhe,
    I'm packing my suitcase.

  15. Hi! I'm Anita from 2ºA.

    My mum, my brother Benny and I ... which we are staying...
    Now my mum and I shopping, before had a shower and had breackfast...
    Benny and my mum are visiting the city whithont me...
    At this moment Benny and I...
    We're going to Kelvingrove Park. It's very beautiful !
    During the trip we took a lot of pictures!

  16. Hi, I am Carmen Santamaria from 2º A

    We are watching the flag of Glasgow whose name is Saltire
    and means Saint Andrew
    They are telling us that the saltire...
    All his life,his statues and more things
    This is our last day
    I have spent a good time in Glasgow

  17. I´m Javier Martínez from 2º A

    It is our first time in this city
    And near there are some streets with a lot of shops
    We´re going to see the most famous monuments
    It´s a long walk around London
    And on Sunday we´re going to see the British Museum

  18. I´m Pablo Untoria from 2ºA

    A tipical food
    After lunch we are going
    We are walking
    I´m in Liverpool
    I´m sad because it´s
    In the afternoon we´re going around the city
    At night we are going
    It was

  19. Hi! I am Carlos from 2 A
    I rode on it and I saw all the city it was impressive...
    Then I went to eat to the hotel and went to sleep...
    The second day i got up...Then we went to the Tower Brige...

  20. Hi! I'm Carmen Barriobero from 2ºA and those are my mistakes:
    Later we're are going to see a football match, because today Liverpool plays against Chelsea.
    I don't like football very much.
    I'm exited because I love this city.
    And my cousin and me are going to the International Slavery Museum, thi is in Albert Dock.
    I don't like it very much.
    Tomorrow I am going to house, I like this holidays very much.

  21. Hi I'm Elizabeth from 2 A. We went to the hotel and then we went to Broadway because my mum likes theatres and there are many theatres. We saw 19 theatres! Later we are going to the Statue of Liberty, in the Liberty Island.

  22. Hi I'm Sonia from 2A
    To have a holiday weekend.
    We returned to our campsite.
    We got up early, to go hikking in the mountain.
    Later, we're going to take our flight home.

  23. I'm Shaheer from 2º A
    I'm bored because I don't like visiting museums.
    It's called the Mackintosh trail It's a tour of the building he designed