Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving celebration

Our American teacher has explained us what Thanksgiving Day is and how they celebrate this day. Have a look at this!
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Thank you Penelope.


  1. Hello my name is Alejandro .Thanksgiving is a incredible fest because the family is get together and celebrate all together . In thanksgiving the people eat a big turkey and a different food . Thanksgiving alone celebrate in England and in USA

  2. Hello!!!
    Thanksgiving is a holiday that is very interesting, starting with its history to everything there is to do to celebrate it (the food, the time in which organises all...)
    In food what more important is Turkey, but they also prepare other foods.
    Acción de gracias es una fiesta muy interesante, empezando por su historia hasta todo lo que hay que hacer para celebrarla (la comida, la hora en la que se organiza todo...)
    En la comida lo mas importante es el pavo, pero, también preparan otros alimentos.

  3. Hello!!¡¡ I´m Omaima Torqui for 3A E.S.O
    in the thanksgiving day the people help much .
    The family prepare different food and desserts.
    with the explanation that gave us Penelope we have learned many more things that we didn't know . THANK YOU PENELOPE!!!¡¡¡

  4. Hi! I'm David Prieto from 3ºA. In the class with Penelope I learnt a lot of this celebration. For example: the presidential pardon.

  5. Hi. I'm Almudena from 3ºA E.S.O.
    In the class of Penelope I learned a lot, for example: I didn't know what was the stuffin.
    I loved this class and I found very interesting.
    I would love to repeat.
    Thank you, Penelope!

  6. Hola soy África de 1ºA de la E.S.O.
    Esta fiesta me gusta mucho porque me parece que es muy familiar. Penelope gracias por enseñaros esta fiesta me gusta muho. La historia de esta fiesta tambien muy bonita, gracias a los indios los Americanos vivieron.
    This holiday I like thank you Penelope for showing it to us. Find it me interesting this powerpoint has prepared for us teaches us very good information for this event. Thanks Penelope!

  7. Hello I´m Nicolás Esteban- 3ºA
    Thanks to penelope because explains the traditions of his country Parties

  8. Hi I'm Manuel from 2A ESO
    Thank you Penelope for answer our questions
    Now, I know more things of Thanksgiving Day

  9. Hi I'm Carmen Barriobero from 2ºA
    Thank you Penelope in this class I learned a lot of about Thanksgiving Day.
    This class has been very interesting and nice.
    Thanks Penelope

  10. Hi I'm Shaheer from 2º A ESO
    Thanks to Penelope, I know way Thanksgiven is so important for the Americans

  11. Hi! I´m Daniel Garrido from 2ºA.
    Thanks Penelope for speaking about the Thanksgiving day. I learn a lot ot for this day.

  12. Hi¡ I´m Germán Garcia from 2ºA.

    Penelope is a funny teacher and very clever. Thank you for awnser our questions. Thanksgiving day is a fantastic feast.

  13. Hi! Im Carlos from 2 A.

    Thank you Penelope for your awnsers in the class.It's very funny.