Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Tale of 3 Cities

On Wednesday 26th February Secondary students attended a cultural lecture in English called “A Tale of 3 Cities” given by Macmillan and organized by the English department.

The teacher talked about English speaking countries and specifically about three cities: New York, Dublin and Liverpool. He explained why these cities are famous, mentioned important landmarks and places to visit and he talked about famous people from there. He also showed pictures and videos, as well as expressions and curiosities from each of these cities.

The lecture was very entertaining and the teacher engaged the students making them questions and guessing games. And the best of all, we enjoyed and shared the importance of learning English.

Some expressions we learned:
 I’ll mug you, 
I’m skint, 
Yer gorra cob on o
A New York minute.
Do you remember their meaning?


  1. It was very interesting

  2. Sergio López
    It was very interesting

  3. Hi! I´m Alex Iacob, from 2ºA
    We had a fantastic time yesterday with the teacher that gave us the lesson in the theatre.
    We learnt a lot of things about Dublin, Liverpool and New York. I think it was a great experience and I like it a lot!!
    I hope to repeat!

  4. I am nico-3rd to and I want to give thanks to Macmillan by having discovered more things about English as a language and culture.

  5. Hi, I´m Ismael from 2ºA.
    I liked the cultural lecture. It was interesting and I learnt a lot of things about the 3 cities.
    The teacher who explained us, was kind and funny.
    The expression what I liked it´s "I’ll mug you".

  6. I'm Aintzane, of 3ºA, and I think that Macmillan told us a lot of interesting things about 3 amazing cities. He is also a funny teacher and we were listening to him in silence. It was an interesting cultural lecture.

  7. Hi I am Manuel from 2A
    The class was very interesting
    I learnt lots of things of diferent cities
    I was very happy and he best thing I remeber is "I´ll mug you"
    I want to have more classes like this
    Than you Macmillan for give us A Tale Of 3 Cities

  8. Hello, I'm Daniela of 3ºA. I thought it was a very interesting and fun chat, I can say that I learned many things and I would like to come back to talk to us of more things.

  9. Ariadna García, 4º ESO.

    This was an awesome way of spending an English class. We learnt new things about those three cities and interesting key facts. What I enjoyed the most is when he made us remember the order of appearance of the different NYC landmarks and the expressions, which I found really useful.

    I hope there's a new event like this soon.

  10. Hi I'm Rodrigo from 3Aº ESO
    I think the lecture was so much funny and I learn a lot of thing. The teacher was so nice and he explained the thing very well. I'm waiting for other lecture like this because it was a lot of interesting. Bye

  11. Hello, I'm David from 3ºA ESO. The lecture was interesting because it was very amusing. The teacher was extrovert, so we learnt a lot.

  12. Hello!
    I enjoyed a lot the speaking, it was very interesting and Jeffro was very kind.
    I learnt some useful expressions from the 3 cities and also some famous landmarks.
    I'm waiting for having another one!

  13. Hi!
    I'm Matías from 3º ESO.
    The talk was very entertaining and fun.
    I really liked talking about those places and so I learned a lot more about the places we've talked. The man who gave the talk was very funny and also very professional.

  14. Hi ! I'm Sofia from 2ºA. I liked the experience because in the conference I lernt a lot of things about of three cities: New York, Liverpool and Dublín.
    I am enjoy whit the experience.

  15. Hi, I'm Iliane from 4ºESO.
    The cultural lecture was very interesting and entertaining. I have learned new things like tipical expressions in New York, Liverpool and Dublin. I have also discovered places I would like to visit and a little history of these cities.

  16. I like this initiative. It is very interesting to learn about New York, Liverpool and Dublin.
    I want to do more things like that

  17. I call jhonatan am of 3r and I like me the speech in the theatre

  18. 'm Adrián Daniel B 3rd E.S.O
    The class that we had liked me and I would like to return to yener such classes.

  19. hola soy shahzeb de tercero de eso
    me ha gustado mucho esta visita que no hizo, porque nos enseño algunas cosas sobre las tres ciudades : Nueva york, Dublin y Liverpool .
    el monitor o profesor era bastante gracioso.

  20. hola soy shahzeb de tercero de eso
    la conferencia me ha gustado mucho , el monitor era bastante gracioso
    nos ha enseñado algunas cosas que algunos no supieramos, en fin me ha gustado.

  21. Hi, my name is Almudena 3º E.S.O.
    I loved this talk.
    It was entertaining and fun.
    I learned expressions that never had ear and seemed very rare.
    In addition, the choco was very funny and agadable.
    I hope to repeat!!!!

  22. Hello my name is Florin Cigan i am 3B Secundary
    the teacher is bery interesting and very happy

  23. Hello I'm Robert Emanuel 3 and I liked that the rafter We traveled for classroom and the teacher was great teach that if all teachers and hopefully give me pleasure class and learned a lot was a great day and I hope to repeat

  24. Hi I'm Daniel 3ºESO A.
    I think it was very interesting and funny.
    The teacher was very cool. He can come another day.

  25. Hi ! I'm Larisa from 2°A.
    The teacher was very funny , we learned new things about New York , Dublin and Liverpool.
    I hope to repeat.

  26. Hi I´m Pablo from 3ºA ESO.
    I think it was a very interesting talk and a very good iniciative too.
    We should do this more often.

  27. Im javier at 2º A
    I can`t do this homework because that day I was ill at home

  28. Hi I'm David Andrés from 4º ESO I think the talk went very well and was entertaining and interactive, sometimes I did not understand but then was understood by the context.

  29. Hi! I'm Paola From 2ºB
    I really liked the class was very interesting and funny.

  30. Hi there im Ricardo from S4
    A couple days ago we had an english speaking teacher come to our school to talk to us about different english speaking cities. Eventhough he was pretty wierd he was able to make the class fun, I really did enjoy the class and I hope he comes again someday

  31. Hi,I'm Natalia from 4°ESO
    I think the talk was very well.It was very entertaining and fun.
    In the talked I learned different things about the cities I didn't know before

  32. Hi I'm Omiama 3ºESO A.
    The teacher was speaking on countries that they speak in English and in particular of three cities : New York , Dublin and Liverpool.
    It has been very interesting

  33. Hi! I´m Biemil Sadakov, from 2ºB
    It was very interesting that he explained.I learnt a lot of things about Dublin, Liverpool and New York.It was fantastic!!!

  34. Hi, my name is Leidy Rossel 3º B.ESO
    The talk I found very interesting because I learned things I did not know care

  35. The talk was very entertaining and lively.The man who spoke to us was quite friendly and the vocabulary he used was simple enough so most of the people understood the topic of conversation and more encouraged to participate. It would be nice to repeat it with another subject for example: The Amish.

    Salvador Rios 4º E.S.O.

  36. Hi im Simona 4ESO
    I really did enjoy the class that the teacher gave us, he was able to make it fun for everyone that was there, I didnt like the way he acted sometimes but it was still very fun and I hope he comes back again soneday

  37. Hi! I´m Sergio 4º ESO
    There was very interesting and very bearable and I wish we could repeat this experience

  38. Hi, I'm Anita 2ºA E.S.O.
    The conference was very interesting and the teacher was very funny. I really liked it.

  39. Hi! I'm Jackeline from 4º ESO.
    It was very interesting. We learned new things from 3 cities as Dublin, NY and Liverpool.
    We played games where you had to guess a few things, the truth is that it was fine.

  40. Hi my name is Asier Cabrera from 2ºB
    The conference is was very interesing and the teacher is very

  41. David Andueza 2ºB
    I found it very interesting to

  42. Hi, I'm Sonia from 2ºA. I think it was an interesting activity, we learn some culture of some differents cities and we practice our pronunciation. It was a great experience.

  43. Hi I'm Elizabeth from 2A. The lecture was very interesting because the teacher talked about three cities very famous.

  44. Sergio Ugarte
    It was funny and interesting, he should come back and teach us some more.
    it was a good experience

  45. Maximo 2ºB:
    It was fun and I discovered some interesting facts about countries

  46. Hi guys, there was a new experience, and i like them, thanks to McMillan.
    Alberto Mendez

  47. I´m Diego from 2ºA.
    It was very interesting.
    I understood he very well

  48. I´m Oscar Mora from 4º ESO.
    I quite like the talk, the man was funny and very crazy, I think he showed us interesting things like some english expresions, I understood he allmost all.

  49. I'm Carlos from 2°A
    It was very interesting I discovered interesting new facts about countries.